Corvin movie theater, main title



Szabolcs Horvátth: 3D + compositing
Gergely Vass: 3d + compositing


The previous main title of the theater was made in video resolution. The management wanted a hi-res, film resolution title, which would fit any film gate in the theater. Because of this we had to make several versions of the same clip using slightly different composition.

The background with the stars was painted in Maya using standard "galactic" paint effects brushes. The meteor like logo has a gold and copper like material. The model itself was a NURBS surface modeled in high detail.



The building in the background was a simple plane with a high-res texture on it since we had no time to make a model with enough detail. Since the front light of the building at night didn't fit our needs we took pictures in daylight and color corrected it.






2 mb, DivX 5.0 codec or newer required, you can download it here.