What I prefer


Web 2.0



Google Panoramio

Yahoo Answers

Netvibes (my prefered way of feed reading)

WIW Hungarian Social Network

Computer graphics news and portals

News, links

Visual effects

Computer Graphics World magazine

Hungarian CG arena maintained by an enthusiast group.


Great people, great works

The site of Digital Dimension studio, detailed descriptions of their effects works.

Beautiful works of Amaan Akram with useful tutorials on lighting.

Rob Bredow's Home (Sony Pictures Imageworks) with many interesting papers and how-to's.

Site of Richard Rosenman with many interesting projects, pictures.

Digital matte painting (Craig Mullins)

Site of Neil Belvins (Pixar). Nice "CG eduaction" and "Resources" section.

Francois Rimasson's site. Pictures, shaders and one interesting tutorial on creating displacement texture in Maya.

Site of Michael McKinley with nice tutorials (attaching complex NURBS patches).

Another way of head modeling.

Site of Don Kim, nice gallery, tutorials.

The site of Jeremy Birn (author of the great book: Digital Lighting and Rendering).

Meats Meier's "3D sculptures".

Julian Jeremy Johnson-Mortimer's works, lot of impressing head models.


Tutorials, source materials

History of computer graphics.


Tutorials, scripts

Car modeling tutorial

Modeling of the Subaru Impreza WRX.

References concerning head modeling.

Very good references about human anatomy for modelers.

Maya rendering and lighting

Home of the Computer Arts magazine.


Textures 2.

Textures 3.

Textures 4.

Textures 5.

Book of Preston Blair on cartoon animation

Lots of Maya tutorials

Excellent Maya character setup to download.

Mental Ray for Maya tutorials.

Poly modeling, Porsche 911 GT2. (XSI)



Academic sites, papers, researches

Interesting, easy to understand introductionary materials (recommended: HyperGraph and Course notes)

Research at the Technical University of Budapest

Page of Paul Debevec, image based lighting

The largest organization for computer graphics.

Stanford University (check out the work of Henrik Wann Jensen and Ron Fedkiw).

Cornell University (Work of Greenberg, Torrance and more).

Microsoft Research (Work of Blinn, Cohen and more).

Jos Stam, researcher at Alias.




My company

THE wikipedia (sometimes I do contribute)

Presentation tips

Presentation Zen (blog)

Hungarian HW, SW distribution and learning center

My brother's company

A very great band playing modern music


Send flowers in Budapest

Professional fireworks (in Hungary everywhere, even in your garden)