Early works



1992 - 1994


I've always visited the annual exhibitions (Ifabo, Compfair) about information technology to check out the newest and fastest computers. That's where I first saw cool rendered computer animations and fast Silicon Graphics workstations. Since I immediately fell in love with CG I was looking for ways to make my own computer generated 3D animation. I got the 3.0 version of 3D Studio from a friend of mine and learned to used every tool in the program. This time I went to middleschool and had an Intel 386 SX processor in my machine. Unfortunately I had no coprocessor (which is nowadays integrated in every CPU) so I had to use a software emulator with which my computer rendered even the simplest images all night long.

My computer looked like this.


My first big project was a picture about our dining room. I made it for a magazine's contest (I didn't win). This time ('93-'94) I was a freshman at the gymnasium and played around with 3D Studio R4.



This is our home, rendering time is approximately 5 hours. You can see a picture about me in the corner and on the wall (I am canoeing there).

1994 - 1995


During my junior year I met a graphic artist, Gábor Török who helped me a to learn some not computer related things: story boards, composition, colors ect.

Some simple tests from that time:

This picture is the final image of an animation. The text takes shape from a puddle of gold (yes, this year was Terminator II released)...


The logo of a TV program (Váltó-infó) in 3D.


These time everyone started to use Windows instead of DOS so I had to switch to 3D studio max... It was tough. One of the very first pictures made in Max:

("Headbangers" is the baseball team of my friends)


1995 - 1996


I lived in the US during this period where I went to Walter Johnson HS. Unfortunately I had no 3D studio around me but I bought lot of 3D magazines and got to know Cinefex (the best magazine about special effects)


1996 - 1998


Home again, MAX again:

I modeled the amplifier as well but I can't find it anywhere :-(


This picture was done in 1 hour (including rendering). I just wanted to express my mood with very little effort.

This year I got my first assignments to make some simple 3D animations for a Hungarian TV channel. One day - while I was working in the TV channel's office - I met a guy who did a short presentation about a new 3D package called Maya 1.0... This was the start of a new era


1998 - 1999


I joined the newly established FrontFilm post production studio as a (learning) Maya operator. I've read all the documentation for Maya and got familiar with the program. Before joining any production I made several pictures just for testing and fun.


I tried to make a realistic headlight following a Power Animator tutorial. Only the background is photograph.


Wondercar. I started to tweak a sphere and ended up with that.


I was playing around with procedural textures.


The pain of NURBS modeling. Using several pictures of myself I made the curve network and using that the surface patches.


This is a model from a short animation for a TV channel.


My first commercial for a Ukrainian cooking oil. This is a test.


First test using my own environment maps (the two things in the center are fake). The chrome ball used to capture the reflection was an ice cream dipper. This time I got interested in the combination of CG and real footage.