Distort Module in Flame


My improvements appeared: Autodesk Flame 2008-2009


The Distort module - used to do spline based distortion and morphing effects - has already been in Flame for several years when I started to work on smaller fixes reported by users. While doing the maintenanc work, I also implemented several enhancements and creative options.

Distort module in Autodesk Flame

Morphing in Discreet Flame

Distort and Morph Autodesk Flame
The original image with Simon, the distortion splines, and the final result.

One of the first new features was the addition of the "Z-mode". This option allows users to do 3D-ish effects, by dragging parts of the image in 3D, creating overlaps. While such overlaps are prohibitive during morphing (=blending two images together), it gives more creative power for distort effects. An other small improvement was the introduction of open splines and single points for defining the distortion. (Until now only closed splines could be used.)

Point based distortion.
Distortion by single point.

Open spline based distortion and morph, Z-mode
Open spline used in "Z-mode" to make Simon's tongue a bit larger.

You can check out the tutorial videos on the website of Autodesk: here. Choose the "Distort module".