Citromfej (Lemonhead), special effect



Director: Viktor Bodó
Art director: Ferenc Sebő

Szabolcs Horvátth: 3D + compositing
Gergely Vass: 3d + programming


The kind of bizarre final shot of the movie had to be done in full CG. The production had very specific ideas of the look of the scene. The main idea was: we had to create a dancing crowd with strange, colorful people like butthead, dickhead, lemonhead ect. These people had be "pixelated" when they were far from the camera or from the heroes of the movie. This had to be done with a special, expression driven box filter.



The interesting part was the procedural creation of the crowd. Each figure was a movie clip put on a poly plane. The different clips were automatically assigned to different planes. We could control how many character we have of one kind. The people were always looking at the camera this way they "laid" down like a sphere when the camera pulled far away. This was the very final shot.






5 mb, DivX 5.0 codec or newer required, you can download it here.