Photos before 2000


Gary Vass on the pottyGot talent?
Gergely Vass knight costume in the kindergartenMy favorite knight costume in the kindergarten.
visiting New York 1995Me and my family visiting New York in '95. from here
New York from aboveThe city from above. here
Niagara FallsThe Niagara Falls. (two pictures stitched together) here
Christmas tree in front of the White HouseThe Christmas tree in front of the White House. (it was freezing) right here
Croatian coastThe Croatian coast with
Croatian coastand without a boat.
diving in CroatiaI'm diving.
St. Mark's square in VeniceNóra (= my girlfriend) and me are observing the St. Mark's square in Venice. here
Traffic jam in VeniceTraffic jam in Venice.




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