Photos of the year 2007


Cancun infinity poolThe infinity pool in Cancun, Mexico. here
Cancun sea wavesI am being hit.
Cancun Coco-Bongo barNon-stop party at the ...
Cancun Coco-Bongo bar... Coco-Bongo bar. You can see all the bartenders dancing on the counter.
Maya Temple of Kukulkan El Castillo Chichen ItzaThe Temple of Kukulkan, often referred to as "El Castillo" inChichen Itza.
Maya Great Ball Court Mesoamerican ballgame Chichen ItzaThe Great Ball Court for the Mesoamerican ballgame, players used their hips to strike the ball! over here
Xcaret Maxico reptileA reptile in the Xcaret ecological park.
Xcaret Mexico hammockPoor Nora is taking a nap in a hammock at the beach... here
Xcaret monkeyMonkey
Snowboard Saint-Sauveur CanadaSnowboarding at Saint-Sauveur, not far from Montreal.
Westmount Park Simon dog in the snowSimon, after 10 minutes of playing in the fresh snow in the Westmount Park...
Royal Castle Buda Castle Budapest HungaryThe Buda Castle from an unusual angle. from here
Canada Victoria Vancouver ferryThe ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. here
Fairmont Empress hotel Victoria BCThe Fairmont Empress Hotel built in the port of Victoria, 1908.
British Columbia Parliament BuildingThe British Columbia Parliament Building at night. (There is no effect or filter applied!) here
Totem pole near Capilano suspension bridgeA totem pole on display in the Capilano park. here
Real authentic totem pole native CanadianThese are authentic totem poles in a quiet, "First Nations" neighborhood. Right here
Capilano suspension bridgeA The Capilano suspension bridge, 230 feet.
Capilano park Douglas fir treeThe more than 100 feet Douglas fir trees in the rain forest.
Vancouver Island sunset Pacific OceanSunset on the Pacific Ocean (Vancouver Island).
Cruise ship anchored Victoria portLuxury cruise ships at the port of Victoria. here
GMC Yukon XL big SUVThe rented GMC Yukon XL. Well, it was a comfortable ride for 5 of us...
Canadian RockiesTraveling from Vancouver to Banff...
Canadian Rockies... and crossing the beautiful Canadian Rockies over here.
Canadian Rockies Moraine LakeApproaching the Moraine Lake.
Moraine lake Rocky Mountains Nora VassNora at the Moraine lake, 6000 feet above sea level. here
Moraine lake turquoise waterAnd the water is REALLY turquoise! Because of this
Nora Vass Gergely Vass happy:-)
Louise lake Canadian Rocky Mountain glacially fed glacierThe family is canoing on the other glacially fed lake, the Louise Lake. here
Animals in Banff cityOn streets of Banff deers and bears are regular visitors.
brave deer in BanffAnd they are very used to people! here
Rocky Mountains Royal Canadian Pacific railwayThe totally rebuilt FP9A unit with the classic paint scheme (this train was manufactured originally between 1939 and 1960) is ready to leave Banff. You can even buy the HO scale replica!
Traditional Chinese medicine storeTraditional Chinese medicine shop. They have got everything you need: dried bugs, shark tongue, seahorses, penises of different animals, frogs, snakes, geckos etc.
Butterfly exhibition in Montreal Botanical GardenButterfly exhibition ...
Butterfly exhibition in Montreal Botanical Garden... in the Montreal Botanical Garden here
Cape Cod Massachusetts panoramaPanorama at the beach of Cape Cod (USA,Massachusetts). here
Cape Cod beach fenceCape Cod 1.
Cape Cod beach sand footprintsCape Cod 2.
Interesting weird cloudsWeird clouds over Montreal.
San Diego yachts marinaMarina Park in San Diego. here
USS Midway CVB-41 aircraft carrier panoramaThe USS Midway CVB-41 aircraft carrier, panorama. here
USS Midway aircraft carrier main bridgeShe was commissioned the September of 1945, and was still active during the early 90s in the Operation Desert Storm. Currently it is open for the public as a museum and memorial.
USS Midway aircraft carrier corridorVisitors may tour the ship's flight deck, hangar bay, mess hall, bridge, primary flight control area, enlisted and junior officer quarters, sickbay, and portions of the engine rooms.
USS Midway aircraft carrier hangar bayThere are restored airplanes in the huge hangar on display, 25 total on the ship.
USS Midway aircraft carrier flight deckStanding on the 972 feet long, armour-plated flight deck it doesn't feel like a ship.
USS Midway aircraft carrier instrumentInstruments. A lot.
USS Midway aircraft carrier food court mess deck mealThe "Aft Mess Deck Starboard Serving Line".
USS Midway aircraft carrier engine roomThe engineering room.
USS Midway kiss statue homecoming memorialThe huge homecoming memorial.
Simon dog protective glassesSimon at work with protective glasses.
Mazda 5Our new car.
Mazda 5 hood reflectionBent Nora
Water foam strangeWeird phenomenon in the sink.
Zádor Nagy Zsombor Simon dogZsombor and Simon, good friends.
Christmas of 2007 treeChristmas of 2007.




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