Photos of the year 2006


Simon dog boots saltSimon's new boots in Montreal. It protects him from the salt. Hates it...
Montreal metro rubber tiresThe Montreal metro on rubber tires. And still, loud as hell.
Mount Royal view winterThe view of Mount Royal in the winter from the 28th floor. from here
Montreal at night from the La Cité complexMontreal at night from the La Cité complex.
Muffin cup cakeTasty muffins/cupcakes/fairy cakes/barms, whatever it's called in your country...
Simon Canadian flagSimon has become a true Canadian.
Montreal WestmountNice houses in Westmount. That's the wealthy English part of Montreal.
Westmount Park bird bathA bird is having a bath in the Westmount park. here
Nori Simon Montreal Mount Royal lookoutNori and Simon are looking at ... here
Nori Simon Montreal Mount Royal lookout... Montreal from the Mount Royal.
Montreal at night Mount Royal panoramaMontreal at night. You can see the St. Laurence river in the distance.
PoutinPoutine: fries with some fresh cheese curds and covered with hot gravy. Fine cousin of Quebec.
Westmount Park springSpring has arrived.
Squirrel in Westmount.Squirrel in Westmount. here
Basilica Notre DameThe Basilica of Notre Dame, exterior... here
Basilica Notre Dame... and interior.
Basilica Notre Dame Sacré-Coeur ChapelThe Sacré-Coeur Chapel.
Saint Jacques square drawing.We are drawn on the Saint Jacques square.
Habitat 67.Built in 1967, the Habitat 67. here
Bikes bicycleWe bought bikes.
Montreal Formula 1 circuitDriving on the Formula 1 circuit. Too bad that it's maximum 30km/h... here
La Ronde theme parkLa Ronde theme park.
Montreal skyline.Montreal skyline.
International Fireworks Competition, MontrealInternational Fireworks Competition...
International Fireworks Competition, Montreal... on every week in the summer.
Lachine canalThe Lachine canal and the old factory buildings turned into nice lofts.
Lachine canalThe end of the canal at the port. Concrete silos and gardens. here
Montreal Botanical GardenReally nice...
Montreal Botanical
Montreal Botanical Garden... and smiling Nora at the Montreal Botanical Garden. here
Montreal Botanical GardenMore flowers 1.
Montreal Botanical GardenMore flowers 2.
Montreal Botanical GardenMore flowers 3.
Montreal Olympic StadiumThe Olympic Stadium. Construction started in 1976 ... and still there are some things to fix... here
Formula 1 weekend MontrealFormula 1 weekend.
Lamborghini MontrealLamborghini. It had a parking ticket on it...
Ferrari TestarossaMy favorite matchbox was actually a Ferrari Testarossa. Long time ago.
Biker dogBiker dog.
Boston view downtownBoston downtown. If you look closely you can see the gilded cupola...
Boston State House gilded cupola... of the Boston State House. It's really gold! It's so shiny that they needed to paint it black during WWII. here
Niagara panoramaPanorama of the Niagara falls and the "Las Vegas-esque" city. The left is the American side.
Niagara, Water fallingWater falling.
Niagara from belowThe Niagara from below.
Niagara horseshoe falls constant mistThe horseshoe falls and the constant mist. here
NiagaraMore water falling...
Journey behind the fallsJourney behind the falls. Raincoat included.
Niagara rainbowNori holding a rainbow.
CN Tower, TorontoThe 553 meter tall CN Tower in Toronto. here
CN Tower panorama view TorontoThe view at the city from the rotating restaurant.
New York parkingParking on shelves in New York.
New York Time SquareNew York, Time Square. here
New York Central ParkCentral Park I.
New York Central ParkCentral Park II. here
New York Fifth Avenue American flagsFlags on the Fifth Avenue.
New York Brooklyn bridgeBrooklyn bridge in the sunset.
New York Statue of LibertyThe Statue of Liberty. here
New York Flat Iron buildingOne if the very first skyscrapers, the "Flat Iron Building". here
New York panoramaNew York from the top of the Empire States Building. from here
New York Manhattan at nightManhattan skyline at night from Brooklyn.
Coaticook suspension bridgeStanding on the suspension bridge of Coaticook with Simon. somewhere here
mean black pigMean-looking black pig.
sheep pupilDid you know that the pupils of sheep and goats are rectangular?
Quebec City Château FrontenacChâteau Frontenac, Quebec City. here
St-Donat lake panoramaNóri at the lake of St-Donat (panorama). here
fall autumn in the Terrebonne parkAutumn in Terrebonne. here
Jean-Talon market MontrealJean-Talon market in Montreal. here
Krispy KremeWith our Irish friends and Krispy Kreme donuts.




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