Photos of the year 2003


Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 1. here
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 2.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 3.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 4.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 5.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 6.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 7.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 8.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 9.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 10.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 11.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 12.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 13.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 14.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 15.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 16.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 17.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 18.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 19.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 20.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 21.
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon 22.
Kodak Theater in HollywoodThe home of Oscar, the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. here
heroes on the Hollywood boulevardSome heroes on the Hollywood boulevard.
The stars Hollywood boulevardThe stars.
HollywoodThe evidence: I have been there.
Beverly Hills HotelThe legendary Beverly Hills Hotel with lots of celebrity guests. here
San Diego view from the harborSan Diego view from the harbor, right next to the convention center. here
San Diego convention center, home of Siggraph 2003The San Diego convention center, home of Siggraph 2003. here
San Diego convention centerThe building from the inside.
Coronado bridgeCoronado bridge. here
nice apartments in San Diego downtownSome nice apartments in San Diego downtown.
Our own dog, SimonOur own dog, Simon at the kennel.
Simon is now at homeSimon is now at home at the age of 3 months.
Simon dogWalking.
Simon on Nóri's shoulderSimon on Nóri's shoulder.
graduation ceremonyReceiving an award at the university graduation ceremony. here
great pyramid by Cheops Chefren's pyramid MenkaureFrom left to right: the great pyramid built by Cheops (the largest), Chefren's pyramid and the small pyramid of Menkaure. There are also three "tiny" pyramids for the Queens.
The Cheops' pyramidThe Cheops' pyramid is 450 feet high (140m),
it's got 2,000,000 blocks each weighing about 2.5 tons. HUGE. here
The Cheops' pyramidNext to the pyramid.
What is inside? Here you can see
Did aliens build them?
Camel rider in Giza with CairoCamel rider in Giza with Cairo in the background. (Giza is very close to Cairo city!)
top of Chefren's pyramidThe top of Chefren's pyramid, where you can see some of the original, completely flat surface.
SfinxClose to the pyramids stands the - not so big - Sfinx. here
Sfinx with the great pyramidSfinx with the great pyramid in the background.
His nose and beard were destroyed by the bad weather of the desert.
city of the deadThe large and ruined suburb of Cairo, the "city of the dead".
The poor families have moved in the old cemetery long time ago, and they occupied the graves or built cottages among them. Now thousands of families live there. here
Downtown CairoDowntown Cairo. The buildings and the flats are dirty and dingy.
Mohamed Ali mosqueThe Mohamed Ali mosque. here
Egyiptian Museum of CairoThe Egyiptian Museum of Cairo. The Cheikh el Balad is more thousand years old a wooden statue, still in perfect condition.
mummy of TutankhamenThe mummy of Tutankhamen was found in three coffins, locked in several boxes.
The inner coffin is solid gold of several hundred pounds.
Tutankhamen golden maskHis face was protected by a marvelous, life size golden mask. more info
table used for removing the internal organsThe table used for removing the internal organs of the dead pharaoh prior to embalming.
muslims prepare for The muslims prepare for "breakfast" at 5pm in the famous bazaar of Cairo.
During ramadan they are not allowed to eat or drink from 5am until 5pm. here
Al Azhar mosque cairoThe Al Azhar mosque of Cairo from the outside. here
domes of Al AzharOne of the domes of Al Azhar mosque.
beautiful court cairoThe beautiful court. Entry only bear feet, women also should wear veil.
Al Azhar mosque cairoThe greatest hall of the mosque, several thousand men pray here frequently. Each cell is for one person and they point to Mecca.
Red SeaThe Red Sea, which was not really red. But it was beautiful.
Nóri at the Giftun islandsNóri at the Giftun islands with a veil from the bazaar on her head.
Snorkeling at the GiftunSnorkeling at the Giftun islands. here
Snorkeling at the GiftunRich underwater life.
Snorkeling at the GiftunWatching corals.
Snorkeling at the GiftunCorals, fishes and lot of water.
McDonald's. The arabic wayMcDonald's. The arabic way.
Colossus of Memnon at LuxorColossus of Memnon at Luxor. They are in very bad condition but still compelling. here
valley of the kingsLuxor, the valley of the kings: the pharaohs realized that the big pyramids were always - almost immediately - robbed. more
valley of the kings burial chamber at the end for the sarcophagus and the treasuresThey started to built long tunnels into the rock with a large burial chamber at the end for the sarcophagus and the treasures. here
valley of the kingsAll of the walls and the ceiling are covered with colorful paintings. They are in very good condition.
valley of the kings hieroglyphsNot only images but hieroglyphs are everywhere.
Luxor, the temple of HatshepsutLuxor, the temple of Hatshepsut (who was the only women pharaoh). (This is where 60 tourists were killed in 1997) more
Luxor, the temple of HatshepsutThe temple consists of a succession of terraces and it is sorrunded by great walls of rock. here
Luxor, the temple of HatshepsutNóri in the hall where Hatshepsut is depicted with ears of a (holy) cow.
Luxor, the temple of HatshepsutThe front side of the temple of Karnak (at Luxor). It was built for more than 1000 years. here
Statue of Ramses IIStatue of Ramses II, one of his hundred doughters is sitting at his legs. She was his most loved child, he married her as well...
Hypostyle Hall of KarnakThe great and immense Hypostyle Hall of Karnak. The Ceiling is 70 feet high, the natural light was provided through clerestory windows. more
Hypostyle Hall of KarnakThe columns have either open or closed papyrus-bud capitals (depending on wheter they were in shadow or not!), and they are 33 feet in circumference. The temple was build before 1000 B.C.
God of fecundityThe walls of the hall are covered with scenes of ancient Egyptian history and mythology. Here you can see the God of fecundity, look at his thing...
Obelisks of KarnakEach of two great Obelisks of Karnak (100 feet and 70 feet) was made of one block of granite. more
luxor guardsSome "guards" at the back of the temple.
luxorThe "back door" of the temple.
new years eve 2004Final hours of 2003.





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